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A letter from the Chairman of the Jefferson County Democrats

We are now less than 180 days from the most important election of our time.

We had some hard choices to make in our recent primary. The voters have decided - and we now have our candidates..  There is far too much at stake this year to allow internal divisions to impact our responsibility to work as hard as we possibly can to turn out every Democratic vote on November 6th.

The contest between Joe Manchin and Patrick Morrisey will likely decide who controls the evenly divided United States Senate.   An evenly divided Senate that is currently breaking a hundred years of protocol and rules to approve record numbers of unqualified judges.

Talley Sergent victory over Alex Mooney will signal a shift in control of the House, and that decision will determine whether there will be a serious investigation of foreign influence in American elections.  Both Morrisey and Mooney are counting on large margins right here in Jefferson County, and it’s up to us to see that they don’t get them.

Closer to home, the West Virginia State Senate is also closely divided.   But the primary defeat of some Republican incumbents has opened previously out of reach contests, and the re-election of Senator John Unger will certainly tip the balance in Charleston to Democratic Party control.  And we can gain ground in the crucial House of Delegates by taking back all three Jefferson County seats with wins by John DoyleSammi Brown, and Dave Dinges.  With our state’s population continuing to decline, there is a real possibility we will lose one of our three U.S. House seats after the 2020 census – and the delegates we elect this year will be drawing the new district lines.

Even here in Charles Town, the Liberty PAC’s extremist control of the County Commission can be broken with victories by Democrats Ralph Lorenzetti and Carol Grant.  Electing these two candidates will shift the Commission majority from Republican to Democratic.

We are all used to political hyperbole – but this time it’s real.  The viability of democracy as a political system in the world depends on our working together starting right now.  And continuing every single day until we celebrate victories across the ballot on November 6th

Can we count on YOU to help win this election? It will take all of us, working together, to elect Democrats!

— John Maxey