Jefferson County Democrat of the Year

2020: Andrew W. Mollohan

Every year each county in West Virginia is asked by the WV Democratic Party to select one outstanding Democrat who has offered an outsized contribution of time and hard work the previous year. This Democrat of the Year is honored in his or her home county as well as in Charleston at the state Roosevelt-Kennedy Dinner.

Past Recipients:

2019: Amy Lindsey

2018: Robyn Harrison-Taft

2017: Emma Lindsey-Severns

2016: H.S. Leigh Koonce

2015: not awarded

2014: Terry Thorson

2013: Sarah Orrick

2012: Cheryl S. Lawrence

2011: Robert E. “Bobby” Ott

2010: Rod Snyder

2009: Herb Snyder

2008: Virginia Lynch Graf

2007: Gail C. Boober

2006: J. Michael Cassell

2005: Allison Alsdorf

2004: Robert C. “Bob” Tabb

2003: G. Warren “Jim” Mickey

2002: Dale Manuel

2001: G. Warren “Jim” Mickey

2000: Everett “Ed” Boober

1999: C. Locke Wysong, Jr.

1998: R. Gregory Lance

1997: Kay Bresee

1996: Reva N. Mickey

1995: F. B. “Mike” Wysong, Jr.

1994: not awarded

1993: Henry W. Morrow

1992: John E. Ott

1991: Lyle C. Tabb

1990: Gary M. Kable

1989: Joseph Christian, Jr.

1988: Margie Johnston

1987: Bianca M. James

Congressman Harley O. Staggers, Sr. Award for Exemplary Service

Created in 2014 by the Jefferson County Democratic Executive Committee, the “Staggers Award” is named for the former Congressman who served West Virginia from 1949 until 1981. The award highlights a Democrat who has given decades of continuous service to the party and community in a variety of arenas. The award is always presented by a member of the Staggers Family. Past presenters include former Congressman Harley Staggers, Jr., Danny Staggers, Bryan Staggers, and H. Orrin Staggers, III.

Past Recipients:

2019: Reva N. Mickey & Bill Senseney

2018: Cheryl S. Lawrence

2017: Pete Dougherty

2016: Dale Manuel

2014: Kay Bresee

Mary Everhart-Koonce Catalyst Award

This award was established by the Eastern Panhandle Young Democrats in 2016 and whose namesake held leadership positions in and was active with all four Jefferson County Democratic organizations beginning in the early 1970s. Originally the award highlighted a community member who acted as a catalyst to involve young people in the Democratic Party. It then shifted to recognize an outstanding Young Democrat each year.

Past Recipients:

2018: Angelo Cocchiaro

2017: Samuel H. Brown, VII

2016: Reva N. Mickey