2020 will be a big election year for West Virginia. The following offices will be on the ballot.

Names in italics are announced or pre-filed Democrats seeking those offices. Names in bold are incumbent Democrats.

United States President

United States Senate | Paula Jean Swearengin

United States House of Representatives | Cathy Kunkel

WV Governor | Stephen Smith, Jody Murphy, Ed Vanover, Ron Stollings, Ben Salango

WV Secretary of State | Brent Pauley, Natalie Tennant

WV Auditor

WV Treasurer | John Perdue

WV Agriculture Commissioner | Bob Beach, William “J.R.” Keplinger, Jr., Patricia Bunner, David Miller

WV Attorney General | Sam Petsonk

WV State Senate | Pete Dougherty

WV State Delegate, 65th District | Sammi Brown

WV State Delegate, 66th District | Storme Frame

WV State Delegate, 67th District | John Doyle

Jefferson County Commission Kabletown District | Lanae Johnson

Jefferson County Commission Harpers Ferry District |

Ralph Lorenzetti, Jr.

Jefferson County Sheriff | Mike Chapman, Ronnie Fletcher

Jefferson County Assessor | Angela L. “Angie” Banks

Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney

Jefferson County Surveyor